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COVID Keto? You bet!

By Chelsea

There's no getting around it these days, shit is bananas out here. The COVID pandemic is killing people and making them very sick the world over, the economy is crashing, and events that used to bring us together are being cancelled in an attempt to flatten the curve of infection and help alleviate strain on the medical systems. People are divided by these events and run the gamut from scared shitless to skeptical, and everywhere in between.

I started out skeptical. "It's just being hyped up by social media," I scoffed a few weeks ago. Boy, was I wrong. This is beyond serious, and I'm heartened to see most people taking the restrictions seriously. We won't get into the people who are still getting together in groups and thumbing their noses at the opinions of medical experts the world over. If that's you, bye. Don't read my blog.

People have asked me if I'm still doing keto during these times, which I find to be kind of a weird question. True, keto is a specific way of eating, but like I've said in previous blog posts, I don't consider it to be a "diet." I personally classify a diet as a set way of eating that has an expiry on it, whether it be a goal weight, or a timeframe, or what have you. For me, the question "are you still doing ketogenic diet during COVID?" might as well be "are you still eating food during keto?" It's just the way I eat. But for you lovely, well-meaning people, the answer is yes, I'm still eating keto. I have been making a few tweaks to make it easier on myself and limit my social interactions, though. Here's how I'm making some COVID keto tweaks to my shopping.

1. Stock up on frozen fruits and veggies.

First off, I'm not the type of person to routinely eat frozen vegetables. Berries yes (love me some delicious berry-based smoothies - recipes for those are coming, I promise!), but I prefer my vegetables fresh. But I stocked up on a big bag of frozen brussels sprouts, some winter veggie mix, and kale a couple of weeks ago, and those have been stretching our weekly shops out a few extra days so we don't have to go to the store so often. Plus, there's the added benefit of frozen vegetables retaining more of their vitamin and mineral content due to being frozen shortly after harvesting, and most of the time you can't even tell the difference in taste! (They're often cheaper as well, which comes in handy when you buy lots of organic like I do).

2. Buy a butcher's box.

My husband and I ordered a box of pre-packaged, frozen meat from our local butcher. Not only do you get a little bit of a discount buying in bulk (for us it was about 15%, which is nothing to sneeze at - and please don't oh lawd), but they packaged the portions for two people, which makes daily meal prep super easy. We got a nice variety of local, high-quality chicken, pork, and beef which has lasted us a couple of weeks. Since it's the same butcher we buy our dog food from, it was convenient AF as well.

3. Make friends with online shopping.

And I don't just mean Amazon, Wish, or Ali Baba. Get to know your local businesses that you can make online orders from. Due to COVID shutdowns and social distancing restrictions which have caused many small businesses to suspend their operations, many have started offering online, take-away, and delivery options for their goods. It's more important than ever for us to keep supporting our local businesses, and keeping our money in our communities rather than lining the pockets of greedy conglomerates who don't take care of their employees. I understand there are some things they are still good for...I'll be the first to admit I order from Amazon. But try to find a good balance. My general rule is if I can get it online locally, I will.

4. Use the social distancing/quarantine time to deepen your knowledge about keto, improve your health, make lifestyle changes, develop a new skill, tackle a home improvement project, or do whatever tickles your fancy!

I ordered the book Keto: A Woman's Guide by Tasha Metcalf that I've been eyeing up for awhile, and I've been reading up on how the keto diet is benefiting my womanly bod and making killer recipes! My hubby and I have been going out for lots of daytime walks since I'm working from home and he's on holidays, and I dusted off my bicycle and try to get out every day. Since I can't go to the gym, I set up a small home gym in the unfinished addition - another project hubby and I have been working on during our days stuck at home. Oh, and we've been getting out on our motorcycles as much as we possibly can, because we're fucking badasses. Maybe you'll see me out in my awesome noob high-vis vest. Vroom vroom!

The helmet hair struggle is real.

5. Stay connected.

I know, everyone is saying this. But it's true. Make sure you keep in touch with your family, and check in with your neighbours every once in a while. Even if you feel fine, you never know who might be feeling lonely and is waiting for someone to reach out and say hello. Many elderly people are on their own. When was the last time you called your grandma? Your mom? Your brother? Pick up the phone, do the FaceTime thing, Zoom them, whatever. No one is too busy to call and say hello.

And with that, I'm going to go call my dad. Stay safe, stay healthy. Love to you all.




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